To The Black space.

Captain Rong was finally able to get revenge on the man that ruined his "Flying into the void of space on a grand adventure of noble intent" experience.

Kang, the man responsible for kidnapping innocent girls, selling drugs, and starting a low class and pretty brutal prostitution ring, was killed by one of his own men during a fire fight.

At some point, tired of having to keep thwarting Captain Rong, Kang required his men to carry shotguns. His intention was to take advantage of Rong’s reliance on armor that protected him from lasers and not much else.

He forgot to take into account the grace and style that Rong can bring to the dance of death!

When Rong managed to arrange a deal with Kang, through a mutual contact, it all went poorly. Sort of. When Rong showed up, he simply started blasting Kang’s henchmen in the face with a laser pistol. The down side to Kang’s shotgun snafu was that if Rong stood in the middle of the room, Kang’s men would shoot each other in a deadly crossfire.

It almost worked. In the end, Rong had to be rescued from where he regained his senses chained to a boiler pipe in the basement.

Not to be dissuaded, Rong created a living will, and then simply tracked Kang down to his next hideout and once more, waded into the den of thieves and villains, blasting first and not bothering to ask any questions.

After stunning the goons, Rong engaged Kang in an epic, brutal knife/gun/2×4 battle. After long moments and close calls, the two took to grappling on the floor. It was, in the end, Captain Rong’s skill and dedication to removing Kang from the fleet he had grown to love and cherish that saw him through.

Kang went limp. He had finally succumbed to the multiple stun gun blasts to his face from three inches away.

Pulling himself together, the Captain woke Kang up long enough to tell him that he was sending him to hell. Then blasted him in the face with both barrels of a shotgun looted from one of the men laying stunned nearby.

He framed the unfortunate goon for killing Kang, rescued Miss Mao, who he invited to join his crew, and then went home to sleep away the stress and trauma that he had been suffering since he first dedicated himself to ridding Fleet 6 of the Kang brothers.

Finally, the fleet would be free of Kang’s brutal, low class brothels. The way was now open for the somewhat-good captain to begin building his stable, and preparing to open his own, very classy and high end whore house.

In the meantime, Mr. Huang is free to continue working on keeping his casino open. The Lexi Belle is in good standing with the Fleet authorities, and her reputation as a ship of good fortune is bringing in both casino customers and business opportunities. He finally disposed of the last bit of the crack he had hoarded away, and had Huang kick the ship’s prostitute out of her place in the cargo hold.

What more could a ship’s captain ask for?



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