To The Black

Act Nine

Farewell Good Captain

Coming out of the emergency jump, the fleet found itself in dead space. No fuel to be had within a full warp’s radius, which led to every private ship that was warp-capable to search for gas giants, scattering in every direction.

The good captain and the crew of the Lexi Belle chose a patch of space like everyone else and was rewarded by finding a frozen moon orbiting a barren rocky planet. While they refueled using the ice world Captain Rong claimed as his own, going so far as to plant a flag on the frozen surface, a comm bubble soared through the fleet broadcasting an S.O.S. from fleet five.

Unable to answer the call for lack of fuel, fleet six limped toward the icy moon at sub-light speeds; weeks away from refueling.

The brave crew of the Lexi Belle took it upon themselves to answer the call and sped through warp-space for over three weeks, stopping only to refuel themselves along the way, in order to save their sister fleet from codename: Mythic… only upon arrival did they realize that mythic was the military designation for a drake hive!

They came out of warp-space to a vision of carnage. Numerous traders, yachts, darts and javelins littered a battlefield with far too few drake corpses. Among the wreckage lay several of fleet five’s utility ships: the water processing plant, three factory ships and the U.S.O. ship remained attached to the also-left-behind starboard umbilical dock of Voyager Five.

Searching the debris for signs of life, they found only one: ironically a lesser thug of the Kang Family who saved himself by hiding in a low berth. Captain Rong woke him long enough to tell him why he was going to die anyway, and immediately spaced him out the airlock.

Three of the wrecks contained dangerous levels of radiation from damaged power plants, which gave the crew an idea. They towed these three ships together and launched them toward the drake hive… once clear of the blast, the Lexi Belle opened fire on the derelicts causing all three cored to explode in makeshift nuclear blasts. While the fireballs were insignificant, the massive radiation put out by the blast all but decimated the hive, leaving the drakes to die… some quicker than others.

Alas, tragedy struck the crew at this point. The blast of radiation hit the Lexi Belle hard, sending all the inhabitants to their knees as radiation burns, nausea and hair loss crippled the heroes.

Unable to face what he saw as the end, the good captain confessed his many illegitimate dealing to his fellow crew-mates, signed and sealed his will then shot himself in the airlock. And so ends the story of the good captain. Rest in peace, Li Lie Rong.



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