To The Black

Act Eight

(Still) To Be Determined.

Due to a serious case of no-attention-span and too-much-laptop-at-the-table, act eight has been delayed once again. We ended up playing with the Artemis Simulator all night instead. This post will be updated next week with the actual Act Eight entry.

Until then, here’s a depiction of the six fleets launch from Earth, August 13, 2061.

Colony Fleets
(image credit: Macross 7 anime series)

Also, I have adjusted all current wiki pages to point to locally hosted images, rather than uploading them to my personal website and linking them. The only new images I have added can be found here, here and here. They are schematics and size comparisons of the three military ship classes (image credits: Voyager Six and UED Prowess images are from Macross, Dart and Javelin images are from the Silent Death board game).



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