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Dec 22, 2012
First contact. Damaged alien ship lands in Australia, makes peaceful contact and promises to share technology in return for raw materials for repairs.

Feb 4, 2014
Repairs completed, the alien ship leaves Earth, delivering schematics for jump drives and fusion power supplies to the nations providing the bulk of its required resources: China, United States, Russia and India, as well as Australia for the use if it’s land.

Mar 16, 2019
China and the US launch their first respective prototype starships within hours of each other, each taking credit for being the first in “the black”.

Jun 29, 2019
Joint venture between China and India leads to the first successful fuel scoop of nitrogen from the atmosphere of Jupiter. Unfortunately, the Chinese prototype was destroyed on the return trip when a fire breaks out in the fuel refinery on-board.

Jan 23, 2028
The first US-Russian jump drive test is successful. Full production of jump-1 capable startships begins.

Aug 14, 2037
USS Frontier, the first exploration vessel sent beyond a single jump from Earth fails to make scheduled contact with Earth via laser comms.

Feb 26, 2038
ROCS Xiao Xīng jí, the Chinese explorer launches six months ahead of schedule in the hopes of locating the Frontier.

Dec 11, 2038
ROCS Xiao Xīng jí locates the remains of the USS Frontier and recover it’s black box. Alarmingly discovering the existence of hostile aliens. Hours after relaying this information, it too fails to make contact and is considered lost.

Jun 1, 2040
United Earth Defense Forces (The UED) are established after over a year of debate and structuring. Initially comprised of the five original nations to recieve the jump drive schematics… Japan, England, Germany, Canada, Norway and Spain come on board by year’s end.

Dec 25, 2044
The UES (United Earth Starship) Foundation, the UED’s first flagship, launches from low earth orbit where it was constructed in a similar fashion to the ISS. Dart class light fighters also introduced as point defense for the flagship.

Jul 30, 2052
The UED finishes it’s Dark-Side-of-the-Moon facility and moves all UED personnel into space; mostly in the moon base, but also in orbiting stations at various points around the globe. All further starfighter training takes place in the new facility.

Oct 13, 2055
Hostilities erupt as seven alien ships jump into orbit around Jupiter then immediately attack the commercial asteroid miners along the belt. It is presumedto be the same race as those which destroyed the Frontier and the Xiao Xīng jí.

Oct 31, 2055
The hostiles are destroyed in orbit above Australia along with the Australian UED space station in a massive fleet battle in which Earth forces outnumbered the aliens almost ten to one; losing twelve ships in the process.

Mar 22, 2056
UED announces the formation of the colonization fleets; to be comprised of multiple civilian passenger and recreational ships as well as full military escort. People from all over the world are encouraged to join the fleet as either settlers or naval trainees.

Aug 13, 2061
Six of the first nine Voyager-Class City Ships are launched from the Dark-Side base, each travelling in a different direction to explore the reaches of known space, locate habitable planets and colonize them in the hope of spreading out the human race in case of all-out war.

Feb 22, 2062
Fleet Six reveals the existence of Sky-Hive Drakes following the tragic loss of four civilian trading ship and their mining crews.

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