To the Black

Part Two can be found here.

Thank you for your interest in our game. I would normally not introduce myself on the campaign website, but seeing as we have a number of fans now, I felt a bit of additional information might be in order. To The Black is a homebrew campaign run by Steve Meyer. The premise is relatively simple: the heroes are free traders on board Fleet Six, a long range colonization fleet made up of a massive city-ship (inspired by Macross 7), several specialist support ships, a spacecraft carrier and numerous small point defense fighters. There is a friendly alien race teaching them the intricacies of space travel that is loosely based on the Ahb from Banner of the Stars only much less imperial and slightly more naive. Personal enemies exist within the fleet, among them an organization similar to the Yakuza, and ex-smuggling partners bent on revenge in the time honored tradition of Firefly. Additionally, they have recently learned of a hostile space-faring race similar to a mixture of territorial hiveminded insects and dragoons from Scrapped Princess. While this may sound like I am overusing rule zero of being a GM, these influences bear little resemblance to their muses once in game.

We play every Saturday night. Our group consists of myself, Anthony, Dustin and Lars; together we make up the currently active members of the Dead Heroes.

The Dead Heroes are a local gaming group in Akron, Ohio. With no one favored genre, we play everything from red box D&D to Pathfinder, Traveller, Warhammer, Unhallowed Metropolis and Shadowrun.

As a group, we are fairly numerous, though at any given time the active roster includes four primary members and a handful of past players sitting in on occasion as guests.

Every year, we host a special holiday party known as Bobcat Day. This holiday is always the last Saturday before Christmas and welcomes all Dead Heroes of the past and present. The evening includes a cooking competition, party games such as Are You A Werewolf?, gift exchanges (non-religious exchange only, Bobcat Day is a day to celebrate our friends, not any one particular belief system), and awards for various achievements throughout the past year; such as most memorable in-game moment, best NPC, funniest death (we are the Dead Heroes afterall) and many other categories.

Welcome, please enjoy the adventure log and wiki. Maybe some day the rest of my players will contribute to the site.

To The Black

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