To The Black

Act One.
The Set Up.

The Lexi Belle, captained by Li Lie Rong, made some easy money early on by ferrying passengers up to the UED moon base, giving them a grand tour of the combined six colony fleets in the process.

The crew met a woman by the name of Alicia McCoy, who hired them to survey asteroids as they jumped from system to system. Initially agreeing to 40,000 Cr. up front and a 12% cut of the profits, the industrious crew quickly renegotiated up to 15% and a new military-grade sensors array.

The crew looked into several options for refitting their trader to make more money. Eventually, they decided to turn their staterooms and common rooms into a casino, as well as removing their low berths for additional cargo space.

During the fourth refueling stop, Voyager Fleet 5 arrived in the same system to refuel. During these few days of downtime, a Korean gangster named Jinsu Kang raided the Voyager 5 recreation ship, kidnapping several women during the USO show.


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