Jinsu Kang


Formerly a small time crime syndicate lackey who fell from grace when Mr. Huang (AC) ratted him out, he has somehow found his way into the Voyager fleet and is believed to be running a human trafficking operation.

A training facility run by his brother, Tai Kang, was raided by the Lexi Belle‘s crew. There, eight of the twelve missing girls were rescued and Tai was killed in the gun fight which ensued. The remaining four missing girls were rescued three weeks later when the crew assaulted Jinsu’s hideout.

An attempt on his life was staged, but this time the Family was ready for Captain Rong and his crew. Victorious in battle, Jinsu nearly pulled off the frame of the century if it hadn’t been for Braille’s timely rescue of Da Shuo and his friends… a feat that even Jinsu admires, though she has now earned his wrath.

Another more recent attempt on his life by the crew resulted i his hideout being thermally cleansed by the UED Biological Hazard Containment Unit when the not-so-good captain threw a mason jar of alien microbes through the window.

Jinsu was not in the home at the time, however he met his end at the hands of Captain Rong following an extended and truly epic knife fight.

His sister, Yunjim Kang, is a known colonist on Voyager Five.

Jinsu Kang

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