An overly-possessive Aesh woman.


Braille is an enigma. While the Aesh are exceedingly attractive by human standards, they rarely associate on a personal level with the people from Earth. Braille, on the other hand, finds Earth men fascinating. And easy.

Initially involved, albeit briefly, with Li Lie Rong (Lars), her attention has shifted to Xie Da Shuo (Dustin) in recent years; a fact that makes him distinctly uncomfortable as her affections are intense enough to spark insane jealousy if she is unable to keep tabs on him at all hours of the day.

When her obsession with Da Shuo can be curbed momentarily, she has proven herself extraordinarily gifted at many aspects of technology, primarily hacking personal comms and tracking people through the fleet net. Both of these talents have aided the crew immeasurably.

She has also demonstrated significant resourcefulness and loyalty, having saved all three crew members of the Lexi Belle from Jinsu Kang single-handed, although she was grievously wounded in the effort.


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