To The Black

Act Two.

The Development.

Investigating the recent kidnapping of Fleet 5 girls, the crew of the Lexi Belle turned to the fleet net for answers. Xie Da Shuo (Dustin) searched through the missing girls’ SpaceBook pages for any linking clues and was rewarded with a single name in common: all twelve girls had an Officer Conolley in their friends lists. He also found that five of the missing girls knew each other and were planning to share a cab to the USO show.

Following that lead produced mixed results for him… while he did learn that the taxi driver also went missing that night, Braille’s snooping into his online habits produced a jealous rage from the Aesh woman, resulting in hundreds of text messages clogging his network connection and ultimately crippling his comms.

Captain Rong (Lars) took this information and went into the Korean side of town to spread Officer Conolley’s name around hoping for another lead. The MP station had no record of such a person, so he went to the bar scene to ask locals. Three men wearing military fatigues but with no insignia patches started a bar fight with the crew once Conolley’s name was mentioned, ending with all three men stunned unconscious on the floor. A brief search for identification led to the discovery of unmarked credit cards… illegal and untraceable. At this point, Da Shuo placed a wireless audio bug on one of the men and the crew fell back to listen in to their conversation once they awoke.

The three men discussed the captain, how he knew about the code-word, and whether they should report the incident to “the family”.

Intrigued by this exchange, the crew followed the three men back to the Fuel Storage Redundant Command Module, where they put together a plan to coax the men back out by speaking with the MPs guarding the door.

Alas, this plan went poorly, and the good captain was forced into a gun fight with the MPs after mentioning the unmarked credit cards. Da Shuo took the role of bad cop during the interrogation of the crooked MPs and immediately shot one of their feet, crippling him for life with the sheer extent of damage done. Learning nothing of value from the two captives, the captain executed the one with the mangled foot and pummeled the second captive into a coma, taking both of their unmarked credit cards as well as their standard-issue ACR’s.

The duo stormed the command module, taking down four more guards and Jinsu Kang’s younger brother, Tai Kang in the process. The fight with Tai, however, resulted in serious injuries to the captain.

Nevertheless, the duo rescued all but four of the captive women, as well as two men, who were being forcefully addicted to various drugs and subjected to nitrogen narcosis to reduce their inhibitions, concentration and making them the perfect docile dolls for prostitution training.

For good measure, the duo also caused an explosive decompression in the adjacent airlock, literally turning five more guards inside-out as their lungs were sucked out through their mouths. This act led to alarm klaxons going off, prompting the crew to take the freed women and run, fearing more corrupted soldiers arriving.

Braille and Huang Ao Nu (AC) then took the girls and the captain to the hospital for treatment, where several news reporters awaited interviews with the heroic crew. During one such interview, Captain Rong endorsed the Betty Page as the most appropriate ship to return the girls to fleet 5, sparking a new business relationship with the fellow Free Trader.

The crew now questions how far up the chain of command the Family was able to bribe…



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