To The Black

Act Three

The Plot Thickens.

After spending four days in the hospital, Captain Rong (Lars) was released the very day the fleet dropped out of jump space. After hearing that the girls’ return trip to fleet 5 would be made without military escort, the crew decided to inform the media, resulting in a public outcry for guards.

This effort was rewarded with a Javelin escort as well as two Dart fighters piggy-backing the Betty Page. In addition, the crew volunteered to accompany the women as guards. These acts proved invaluable when the ship was rocked by an explosion in the engineering room.

With the warp and maneuvering drives disabled, as well as a basketball sized hole in the hull venting atmosphere, the semi-heroic crew of the Lexi Belle quickly put on vacc suits and went to work sealing the engineering bay’s breech. Once done, Xie Da Shuo (Dustin) began patching together what remained of the warp drive, while the good captain looked into rebuilding parts of the m-drive.

All the while they were making these hasty repairs, the escort ships were engaged with a strange black ship. The battle, as described by Captain Wu, raged around their crippled free trader and ended when the Javelin destroyed the black ship. The skirmish cost the UED both Dart fighters… the Javelin took great care in bringing the now derelict black ship into their cargo bay, refusing to discuss the engagement.

Once the drives were in working order, albeit at greatly reduced efficiency and speed, the two remaining ships warped the rest of the way to fleet 5 where both ships were forced to remain for the duration of a full jump cycle for repairs.

While in the fleet 5 city ship, Captain Rong paid a visit to the Kang family manor. There he met with Yunjim Kang, Jinsu‘s older sister. While polite and seemingly very intelligent and reasonable, the audience with Lady Kang left no doubt that she would inform her brother of the crew’s involvement in Tai’s death, as well as their interference with the brothel; both facts being news to the Kangs as all surviving members of the family were currently on Voyager 5.

With this new knowledge, the crew opted to buy passage back to fleet 6 rather than wait for the Betty Page to be repaired. Once safely home, the captain took the opportunity to meet with a high ranking military official which sparked a new investigation into the bribed MPs.



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