To The Black

Act Seven

Honors and Awards.

Following the wake of rumors buzzing through the ship about the recent battle, the crew of the Lexi Belle was invited to a meet & greet with the Fleet Commander. There, they were praised for their efforts to save the Javelin co-pilot, Tarnish, and assist Misfit in the killing of the Drakes.

The next morning, Mr. Huang represented the crew at a press conference where they were presented with the first ever UED Civilian Action Award. Misfit was promoted to Commander of the Air Group and assigned to squad leader of the Tapestry Squadron. Tarnish was given the UED Commendation Decoration.

Now that the gag order had been lifted, the crew immediately sat down with Braille to patent and copyright as many likenesses of the Drakes as possible, hoping to corner the market on as many products (such as breakfast cereal and tee shirts) as possible.

Two days later an Aesh battleship arrived and after a brief exchange with the UED Prowess, the combined fleet jumped into a region of space unoccupied by Drakes.

During the seven days in jump-space, the Lexi Belle Casino held its grand opening. While the profit margin was not quite what the crew was hoping for, it did provide some additional income and notoriety while in jump-space… time they rarely profited from in the past.

The battleship spent some time conducting live fire exercises with the fleet’s defense force. Afterward, it transmitted design improvements for the Dart which were developed by Fleet Five and left. It was not until it had been gone for some time before the disappearance of several Aesh individuals was noticed.

Why they left with the battleship is as yet unknown.



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