To The Black

Act Four


After the fleet dropped out of jump space, the Javelin and the Betty Page returned to the fleet. Each brought something to give the crew of the Lexi Belle

From Captain Bin Wu, as a token of appreciation for repairing his ship’s engineering room and sealing the hull breech, Huang Ao Nu was given two roulette tables to aid in the outfitting of his casino.

From the UED, the crew received Nondisclosure Agreements in return for a single pulse laser to defend their ship with. While they are not permitted to speak of the black ship that attacked them, they agreed to sign the gag orders so long as they were allowed to discuss the bomb and the kidnapped girls… both subjects the UED seemed to care very little about.

Now that they had a few tables, the crew decided it was time to finish outfitting their space-casino, investing several tens of thousands of credits into a secured cash office and several more tables for poker, blackjack, craps and slot machines.

In a purely selfless act, because obviously that’s all it could have been, Captain Rong spent a few thousand credits over the course of three days on prostitutes. He did this, of course, to track them back to their would-be brothels in the hopes of rescuing the four remaining American girls. While following them did very little, he successfully bribed one girl to give him the address of the safe house.

Once found, the crew purchased several stun grenades and assaulted the den of slavery. In an ingenious move, ten grenades were rigged to go off simultaneously and thrown into the building before the crew followed them in with weapons drawn. To the last man, all five guards, as well as all seven of the remaining girls (including all four Americans), were unconscious from the initial grenade volley.

After sending Mr Huang to the hospital with the girls and Xie Da Shuo back to the Lexi Belle with the weapons and confiscated drugs, Captain Rong saw to it that two of the captives were executed: a surviving corrupted MP from the first brothel raid and a corrupt MP who was warned to break away from the Family or he’d regret it. He was woken just long enough to do so before being shot in the face by a laser rifle.



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