To The Black

Act Five

The Revelation.

The crew escorted the four remaining girls home, but detoured en route to investigate a massive stationary warp bubble. Inside, they found dozens of javelins and darts conducting live fire exercises with an Aesh battleship. Unfortunately, before they could figure out what was happening, UED officers ordered them out of the bubble.

Once in fleet 5, they met with the mother of the last American girl, collecting the 1,000,000 credit reward. On their way back to the Lexi Belle, they were attacked by Kang thugs. After defeating them, the crew issued a challenge over one of the thugs’ comms.

They waited at the ship for an hour before 4 more thugs came to call. One planted a bomb on their ship, prompting the good captain to exit via one of the airlocks to deal with it. After taking one of the saboteurs down and alerting the authorities, the others fled. A brief interrogation of the defeated bomber provided the crew with the knowledge that that Jinsu went back to fleet 6.

Returning to fleet 6, the Lexi Belle again stopped at the stationary warp bubble. This time they hailed the Aesh Battleship. Though the UED Javelins attempted to jam the signal, the Aesh happily told the crew about the Sky-Hive Drakes before realizing that secrecy was called for. The UED again ordered them out of the bubble and reiterated the gag order’s conditions.

Once back in their own fleet, the captain bribed a flight control officer to ground any ships recently returned from fleet 5. Captain Rong paid off the debt to Alicia for the sensors, ending their contract and immediately set about researching the home addresses of the two ship captains who had just come from their sister fleet. Unfortunately, they mistakenly attacked the wrong house, though after an appology Captain Rong paid for any damages.

The other pilot (an Indian man) told them Kang’s address after explaining his discontent with the Kang family’s unpaid use of his ship.

The brave crew decided to end thing with Jinsu once and for all, and attacked his home. Alas, they failed to surprise the hideout, and were consequently knocked unconscious by several stun grenades… a tactic the Kang gang learned from previous encounters with our brave heroes.

They woke up, naked but covered in bed sheets, in Braille’s house; she had rescued them, taking serious wounds in the process. With their weapons and equipment gone, they split up.
Rong went to the Indian captain and negotiated passage on his ship in order to ambush Jinsu there. Da Shuo took Braille to the hospital and Mr. Huang went back to the ship.

The next morning all three were arrested, charged with murder. Their weapons were used to frame them and left at the crime scene, where four civilians were gunned down in cold blood. After an exhausting effort to prove their innocence, they realized the Indian ship with Kang on board was already gone, having left days earlier than expected.



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